Unique Split Table for Simultaneous Loading and Unloading
Auto-Start as Standard
Direct Wrap Arm Drive for Smoother Operation
Proportional Hydraulic Control
Twin Ultra Reliable Telescopic Cut & Start Units

1400 Variwrap

High Speed Wrapping

The 1400 Variwrap is designed and built to the highest standards; delivering reliability, ease of operation and outstanding output as experienced by operator’s of the award winning 1400-EH. The patented 1400 split table which is designed to allow simultaneous loading and unloading is retained and enhanced with the addition of ‘Auto-loading’.

The 1400-V shares with the S-series linkage/loader wrapper’s proven innovative features such as Tanco’s ultra reliable telescopic cut & start’s, direct gear drive to the satellite arm’s and a variable proportional hydraulic system.

1400-V at a Glance

  • Unique Split Table for Simultaneous Loading and Unloading
  • Auto-Start as Standard
  • Direct Wrap Arm Drive
  • Upgraded Tower Design
  • Proportional Hydraulic Control
  • Ultra Reliable Telescopic Cut & Start
  • LED Road Lights & Working Light Options

Patented Split Table

The Patented Split Table allows the back roller and front roller to operate independently, gently offloading a wrapped bale, whilst picking the next bale up at the same time, thus greatly increasing output. The low center of gravity ensures the bale wrapper is stable even in hilly conditions.

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The 1400-V has an optional End-Tip Kit, which is directly attached to the split table. The light yet robust End-Tip Kit allows the user to set bales on their end in hilly conditions or in rough ground, where bales may be prone to puncture.


Height 2710mm
Width 2660mm
Length 3940mm
Weight 1250kg
Wrapping Arm Speed (Recommended) 30 R.P.M.
Wrapping Arm Speed (max) 35 R.P.M.
Maximum Bale Diameter 1500mm
Maximum Bale Weight 1400kg
Pre-Stretcher(s) 750mm
Hydraulic Connection 1pcs Single Working + Free Return
Oil Pressure 180 bar
Oil Amount (Max/Min) 60 lts/min/30ls/min
Maximum Counter Pressure 10 bar
Electrical Connection 12 V DC

“We have used a Tanco 1400EH since 2008 and it has performed very well. The split table makes the machine very fast unloading and loading. It has been a very reliable machine. The driver’s find it very easy to use, it works very smoothly and is very easy on itself. We have dealt with some dry and some very wet season’s with the 1400EH problem free, it travel’s very well on wet land and we have wrapped heavy wet bales with no problem’s. The cut and tie system operates very well, even in the wet. We have bought a new 1400EH for this 2014 season.”

Richard McCleanAgri Contractor, Swatragh. 1400 High Speed

"The ground conditions (wet and hilly) in North Monaghan would test any wrapper but this 1400 more than performs, even when we are pushing for quality wrapping with high output. We like the split turntable as there is no time delay between unloading the wrapped bale and loading the next bale, its instant. The wrapper is very easy on itself and there are very few wearing parts. The wrapper always leaves the fields at the same time as the two balers. A lot of customers want 6 layers this year and the wrapping speed is good."

Matthew GormanBaled Silage Contractor, Clontibret. 1400 High speed

"I want a baling and wrapping system that I could run inline and have the flexibility to be able to also bale hay and straw with the baler only. After looking at different options the Tanco 1400 was first choice to be fitted inline with my baler. The system has worked very well for me this season and I was more than surprised how easy the wrapper followed the baler. The turning circle both right and left on headlands and in tight corners is excellent. The bale transfer is simple and trouble free and the camera does help."

Evan DelaneyFarmer 1400 Inline Behind Baler
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