I75 MultiShear

Splits round bales up to 1.5m while retaining plastic and net. Feed directly on feed passage or feeders.

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I73 BaleShear

Patented system for retaining net and wrap for easy feeding.

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I60 CleanaFeed

Patented low maintenance, self-loading, feeding system that will clean root crop such as potatoes, vegetables, maize, grains and many more.

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1400 Variwrap

Trailed Wrapper

The 1400 Series high speed bale wrapper has been designed to the highest specifications. The patented split table is designed to allow loading and unloading to deliver the highest possible output.

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Trailed Wrapping

The A100 EH round bale wrapper is an extremely compact, robust and efficient machine. Full of standard features.

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S Series

Wrap & Stack

Patented Folding Twin Arm System for high output wrapping and stacking at the point of storage.

1500 Series

Satellite Square Bale Wrapper

The robust 1500 Series bale wrapper is the most versatile of its kind, capable of wrapping both square and round silage bales. As a 3Pt Linkage machines it is both lightweight and compact, the 1500 can handle bales up to 1.7m in length and 1.8m in diameter.

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Bale Stacker

The D80 Bale Stacker allows for secure, safe and consistent handling of all sizes of large square and round bales. Simple in design but very effective in operation, this bale stacker is the complete solution for the safe and damage-free handling of silage bales.

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